Vasiliki is a new dynamic Greek company, established in 2006 in Leonidion, Arcadia, Peloponnese, specializing in supreme quality honey products. Our relationship with honey goes back to our grandfathers who passed on the art of apiculture. We are committed to enriching a precious heritage with continuous research and study reflecting on our philosophy to gain perfection. After intense research, we have decided to cooperate with a number of apiarists that work with great care and share their passion for this product.

Having the inspiration of a visionary, the dream of an artist and the desire to venture "out of the box", we have decided to create and present a unique ultra premium Greek honey product in an unparallel way. The identity was designed to communicate the uniqueness, supreme quality and Greek origin by naming the product MELITHEON - "Honey of Gods" in Greek.

Vasilikiʼs aim is to build on same core pillars of its own philosophy: evolving through new techniques showing respect to human, nature and tradition.


Melitheon Honey the "Honey of Gods" with the Greek sense in it's meaning is a 100% raw supreme quality, Greek in origin product, derived from the fertile valleys and wild mountains of the wider Arcadian region.

It is mainly based on Fir Tree and Thyme. Furthermore Arbutus, Maple, Heather and Tea are some of the plenty herb and local flowers that offer different varieties of honey along with its own characteristics and therapeutic properties.

In particular our variety of Fir Tree carries the name "Vanilla" due to its creamy thick texture and stunning colour (off white with metallic highlights). It is delicately smooth flavoured leaving a butterscotch taste at the end.Vanilla Fir tree honey is the only Greek Honey that has a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and is produced exclusively in limited quantities in the wild mountain of Mainalon , Arcadia - Peloponnese at an average altitude of 1500 m.

The rich flora of Arcadia has been combined with a gourmet flavor into a perfect blend satisfying the most discerning palates. The dark gold colour is an indication of full body flavor. Its thick texture and exceptional aroma complete its unique taste.


The climate, rich soil and unique floral varieties within the Arcadia region are the three natural elements that contribute to branding Melitheon Honey as one of the best qualities worldwide. Our beekeepers relocate their beehives several times throughout the year. During the harvesting season they travel around and collect the highest quality of a variety of honey from each beehive. In this way they manage to obtain a perfect blend of the rich Arcadian flora which enumerates more than 1500 different kinds of plants and herbs. The harvesting, filtering and packaging processes are all carried out manually concentrating on traditional methods, yet complying with strict sanitary conditions.

Melitheon Honey is a 100% raw natural product and does not undergo any kind of treatment. Every seasonal batch of production is tested and certified, prior to market disposition, in compliance with the National and European Community Standards.


Vasiliki’s vision is the promotion of the most precious treasure of Greek nature: Honey. Through this orchestrated effort, we wish to offer this “gift of Gods” worldwide, highlighting ultra premium quality, nutrition elements and therapeutic properties of Melitheon Honey.

Our constant aim is to provide an extra pure product showing respect to human, nature and tradition.



Great Taste Award 2016-MELITHEON MASTIC HONEY amongst Top 50 Foods in the UK

Great Taste Awards 2006

We are very pleased to anounce you that our MELITHEON MASTIC honey has achieved the highest distinction by being amongst the top 50 food products in the UK at the recent Great Taste Awards 2016 contest!



February 13th, 2016

Αgora newspaper article for VASILIKI COMPANY.

Αgora newspaper article


February 13th, 2016

Imerisia newspaper article for VASILIKI COMPANY.

Imerisia newspaper article


January 28th, 2016

Ypaithros hora newspaper article for VASILIKI COMPANY.

Ypaithros hora newspaper


April 17th, 2015

MELITHEON feature at Epicurean Life magazine UK - Sping issue 2015

Epicurean Life magazine UK


Meet Vasiliki Company at Harrods


Harrods foodhall in association with the Guild of Fine Foods are hosting a "Meet the Producer" event in store between 1-6pm on 10th September. Vasiliki Company with its winning star product "Vanilia" Fir Tree honey - P.D.O will participate in the event and will perform tastings. We would be more than glad to meet you there and tell you all about our fabulous products!


Meet Vasiliki Company at Harrods

Great Taste Award

Our "Vanilia" Fir tree honey - P.D.O won a Great Taste Award star for 2014!

A very special variety and one of the rarest worldwide.

Produced only in the narrow limits of Mainalon mountain in Peloponnese.


Imerisia newspaper article for Melitheon

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An amazing presentation for MELITHEON

by Luca Maria De Nardo and Packaging Observer Milan Italy.
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MELITHEON ...the Rolls Royce of Honey

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Nikos Aliagas Tweet's VasilikiCompany.com

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Vasiliki Company at Sial Paris Exhibition 2012


The International Exhibition SIAL held from 21 to 25 October 2012. It is one of the most important International Food & Beverage exhibitions in the world and is held every two years.


Melitheon Honey Among The Week’s Top 10 Articles On The Dieline

100% Supreme Quality Greek Honey packaging designed for Vasiliki Company.. Melitheon
"Since Melitheon honey is available in limited production due to its premium characteristics, the identity was designed to communicate uniqueness, premium quality and Greek origin by naming the product Melitheon ("honey of gods" in Greek)."


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Peloponnese - Greece
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